25 February 2006

Talcum Soul part 1

Holiday, Gran Canaria. Trouble with accessing accounts.
Talcum Soul: cheap but 26 soul tracks. Linernotes and design abominable. Music is ok, 'Northern Soul'. More to come.

Talcum Soul 1

Talcum Soul 2

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22 February 2006

R&B: More Mellow Cats 'N' Kittens

"Hot R&B and Cool Blues 1946-1952", "More rocking post WW2 R&B from the vaults of Modern and Sensation records". An Ace 2005 compilation of 24 tracks from jazzy grooving orchestra/bands. Noticeably more demure than the soul on this blog but it swings just as hard.
This is a sequel to a 2004 release which I still have to get.

More Mellow Cats 'N' Kittens
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Reggae: Lee Perry - Essential Madness From The Scratch Files

"Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters - Essential Madness From The Scratch Files" isn't essential and isn't madness, at least not more essential or madness than other compilations about the man.
The 18 tracks are interesting, slightly towards the insane and overall very much Scratch, as the main vocalist. Apart from 'People funny boy' & 'You crummy' the songs are relatively unknown but of good quality. 'Skank': predominantly reggae (as in not dub) and bare (as in not filled with all sorts of sounds but plenty exceptions here), this album is a good insight in the way he produced his songs then (early 70's is my guess).
I love this album for the high quality tracks and the general feel of the songs. Excellent background music for spliff-smoking.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters - Essential Madness From The Scratch Files
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21 February 2006

60's: Love - Forever Changes

It's the 60's from the moment the first track begins but interesting enough to listen to the end (perhaps with exception of the bonus tracks). It sounds good and diverse, production is complete, yet it oozes 'summer of love' and all that.
In short: I like it, every bit of it. But I'm not expert enough to see it as the masterpiece some other people think it is. I don't doubt it however, I'm sure it doesn't look out of place on this blog :). 2001 edition = original 11 track album + 7 bonustracks.

Love - Forever Changes
Part 1
Part 2
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Blues: R. L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey

Raw album by old man R. L. Burnside and young dogs Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Released in 1996 it's a timeless album, it contains past and present of the blues, it's hard not to like these works. Music, jokes and anecdotes by Burnside:

R. L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey
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19 February 2006

Emmylou Harris - Stumble Into Grace

I always linked Emmylou Harris to the 70's, justified by an excellent string of music she made then (she actually recorded throughout the last 35 year) but I found out that more recent recordings are equally good. This is her last album (from 2003 already) and is here because I like the music from Emmylou Harris. Probably well enough to replace all my 70's albums for CD's.

Emmylou Harris - Stumble Into Grace
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Soul: Double Shot Of Soul

Soul by label: "Funky Los Angeles soul from the faults of the Double Shot and Whiz labels, 1967-70", and the 'sub-titles' get longer and longer. This 2004 Ace/Kent compilation is a bit of a funny though: "This compilation could not be considered a definitive history as it purposely avoids material by Double Shot's three biggest-selling acts - Brenton Wood, SeƱor Soul and Count Five..." according to the linernotes. These artists are probably saved for their own Best Of albums.
The 26 remaining tracks are a diverse set of late 60's soul, all good enough to be remembered, many even good enough to be re-discovered. Linernotes are a bit blah blah but overall informative and include some OK pics.

Double Shot Of Soul
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18 February 2006

Soul: Marlena Shaw - Anthology

Marlena Shaw part 2 (last).
Save the best for last; this Anthology isn't limited to 1 period. It starts with 5 tracks from the late 60's, 4 from early 70's, 3 tracks overlap with 'Go away little boy' and also 2 tracks from the 80's. I like the 60's stuff best, 'California Soul' is the song that made me remember the name Marlena Shaw, 'Woman Of The Ghetto' the song that made me look for this album.

Marlena Shaw - Anthology
2009 09 30, new link

Funk: Booniay!! A compilation of West African Funk

West African Funk part 2 (last).
The 2 West African funk albums should've been released as a double album IMHO. This is the same stuff, same label, same linernotes (lack of) and even some artists are the same. Which is also a good point: if you liked The Danque then you'll like this one too. The attraction is the same: rare funk music from a not-everyday origin.

Booniay!! A compilation of West African Funk
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17 February 2006

Soul: Dirty Laundry

"The soul of black country" is a collection of country songs sung by soul artists. This combination is less farfetched than would seem on first glance, it's explained in the german and english linernotes (label Trikont is German). This is a 'sister release' of the Cheatin' Soul compilation (also on this blog).
Some songs lean a bit more towards soul, others more towards country; this title provides an excellent picture of country-soul, the mix is always there. 24 tracks on this (single disc) 2004 release.

Dirty Laundry - the soul of black country
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Funk: The Danque!! A compilation of West African Funk

West African Funk part 1.
Vague stuff, a picture of albumsleeves, a tracklist and the name of the label as linernotes. It's title reveals enough: it's funk and it's African. Both perspectives can be heard in an interesting mix on the 7 tracks of this 2004 release of Afrodisiac records. And frankly, I don't need to know much more but if it sounds right. It does, this is a very enjoyable set of funky songs.

The Danque!! A compilation of West African Funk
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Ian Dury & The Blockheads - New Boots And Panties!!

The classic album by the classic guy, mr. Spasticus Autisticus and part-time filmactor. The start of the Blockheads (before that, they were known as "Kilburn and the High Roads") featuring immediately one of their two hits: Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n Roll (the other being 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick').
Charming lad.

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - New Boots And Panties!!
Part 1
Part 2
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16 February 2006

Pizzicato Five - Fifth Release From Matador

Jumpy jazzy Japanese with another album full of cool clever cuts. No need for a make happy pill but you'll probably want to relax after this.
Go Pizzicato!

Pizzicato Five - Fifth Release From Matador
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Blues: Sunnyland Slim - The Sonet Blues Story

The title of this album may ring a bell; it's a re-release on the Swedish Sonet label and previously released in 1974 as 'The legacy of the blues vol. 11'. Sonet has a nice catalogue of blues re-releases.
This is 'southside piano blues' played by a professional (artist ofcourse but a seasoned session musician aswell), 10 fingers and a piano make an entire band obsolete. Sunnyland Slim is an adequate singer and song writer but these recordings have their worth because of the piano playing, Sunnyland Slim is also noteworthy of bringing Muddy Waters into a studio in 1943.
Linernotes cover Sonet, original linernotes and new linernotes for this edition.

Sunnyland Slim - The Sonet Blues Story

Soul: Marlena Shaw - Go Away Little Boy

Marlena Shaw part 1.
"The sass and soul of Marlena Shaw" a 14 track compilation album from songs released on 'Sweet Beginnings' (1977), 'Acting Up' (1978) and 'Take A Bite' (1979). Cool and jazzy, Marlena Shaw could be singing in a nightclub. Hints of funk and disco bring swing in the songs, this is a woman who relies on her voice to do the talking and a production as a backing only in a tasteful unity.

Marlena Shaw - Go Away Little Boy
new link 2009-09-30, 114 MiB, all in one (folder name & tags are a little screwed, not hard to fix)

15 February 2006

Soul: Bettye Lavette Carol Fran - Bluesoul Belles

"The complete Calla, Port & Roulette recordings" is an album filled by music from Bettye Lavette (8 tracks), half by music from Carol Fran (16 tracks) (they're very possibly studiotakes in stead of finished takes).
Bettye Lavette is that hurricane of a voice, when needed overflowing with blues and soul, at other times almost tender.
Carol Fran is the same class of hurricane except a bit smoother. You can hear the fire and thunder but it's a little less full-on, almost as if she holding her foot on the brakes.
There's no question about the greatness of these women, this is superior soul music. Passion, emotion and a fabulous raw directness.

Bettye Lavette Carol Fran - Bluesoul Belles
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Man Or Astro-Man - Spectrum Of Infinite Scale

More in the musical category of WTF. On one hand it sounds like music from a bygone era, on the other hand it's perfectly clear we're listening to sounds from a distant future. It's not spacy at all, very down to earth actually, but it just doesn't correspond with music-as-we-know-it. Surf(rock)ing the spacewaves.
AFAIK is this the most extreme Man Or Astro-Man album and it's weird for sure. The melodies are golden again, the artwork makes it even more incomprehensible. This is a band that tries to communicate on a different wavelength as other bands, alienating when possible but never losing contact entirely. Love it or leave it stuff.

Man Or Astro-Man - Spectrum Of Infinite Scale
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(the filenames are bogus; the ID3 tags are filled, use them to name and number the songs)

Disco: Nicky Siano's Legendary The Gallery

"The original New York disco 1973 - 77" tells you something, the rest is that this is an album with 17 tracks compiled by Nicky Siano. Siano, a pioneering DJ and discotheque owner, was one of the defining persons of 'disco' before it was even disco in the early 70's.
Don't expect disco per se (but also funk etc.) on this compilation; there's a lot of stuff that's only loosely related because Nicky Siano basically decided what's disco or not.
Linernotes describe The Gallery and resident DJ, Siano himself writes about the club, the people, the soundsystem and the songs on this album. The only regret I have is that this 2004 Soul Jazz records release is only a single disc.
Convinced? He's alive and bookable.
Oh Yes!!!

Nicky Siano's Legendary The Gallery
Part 1
Part 2

14 February 2006

Soul: I Believe To My Soul

Golden oldies, the folks appearing on this album. Ann Peebles, Mavis Staples, Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint and Billy Preston came together in the Capitol Studios Hollywood to have a week long recording session with producer Joe Henry. That was june 2005, roughly 25 - 30 years after previous successes.
It makes sense, you don't need to be young to have soul and especially the women on this album haven't lost their expression. And it's not their age but more a respect for these legendary artists that makes this album a lazy, relaxed collection of songs. Inspired, never boring but for that other side of soul you'll best be looking for a 'best of' of Ike & Tina Turner.

I Believe To My Soul
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The Best of Diana Ross & The Supremes

As a very important vocal group of the 60's, the faces of Motown, etc., we wouldn't want to forget the Supremes. Motown fortunately doesn't give us the chance to forget them because Motown puts out an Anthology/Best of every couple of years.
I bought the 1995 edition: 52 tracks with all the hits and a few lesser known songs too. The majority with Diana Ross but you'll also find later work on this compilation.

The Best of Diana Ross & The Supremes
Part 1
Part 2

Slum Village - Trinity (Past, Present And Future)

This post is inspired by the recent death (Feb 10 2006) of James Yancey, better known as Jay Dee and J Dilla. I'm into music in general but don't really have a heart for hip hop, I bought this CD on somebody's recommendation. It's the last Slum Village CD Jay Dee worked on (released 2002), being a co-founder of Slum Village.
Jay Dee died at 32 (a little younger than I am) and he reportedly died from kidney failures, an illness he got from working too hard and too long. There's a new album to be released, partially constructed from his sickbed, called Donut. Till then:

Slum Village - Trinity (Past, Present And Future)
Part 1
Part 2
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13 February 2006

Microphones - Song Island

Musical category of WTF. I suppose it fits somewhere under Sing(er)Song(writer), it sounds sometimes like it's been recorded around a campfire under the influence of certain mental state altering products.
Pitchforkmedia seems to know a lot more about this than I do.
All I know that it's sometimes hard to get songs like "I Can't Believe You Actually Died" out of your head and sometimes that's all that counts.

Microphones - Song Island
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R@p1d5h@r3 ISSUES!

I've some issues with Rapidshare atm, a connection resetting just before a file is completely uploaded. This leads to some minor disappointment, a pinch of sadness and perhaps a tad frustration mixed with a little anger.
So, after I pried my keyboard out of my monitor and had both replaced I decided to make the filesize smaller. The connection resets after a X minutes, I upload with a speed around 45 KB/s (I know that sucks) so 50 MB takes close to 20 minutes, just long enough to completely piss me off when it fails to complete. A file of 33 MB seems to have a better change of crossing the internet into the harbor of Rapidshare.
If this works then there'll be files on this blog, else we'll see tomorrow. Inshallah.

12 February 2006

70's: The Baby's - Anthology

The Baby's part 2 and last.
The cynism about the Baby's didn't finish with yesterday's post. This band has got a Greatest Hits (best of, etc) / original album ratio of probably 10 to 1, which may not be that bad considering there are only 5 original albums. Unfortunately, the majority of the compilations will bring a tear to your eye and definitely not for the right reasons.
Anthology is an album on which The Baby's show a bit more their 'rock' colors. The really greatest hits are on this one too but you'll find little overlap with yesterday's post. I say, these 2 compilations are the next best thing to the original albums. But I suggest you spend your money on solo albums by John Waite or some Bad English/ Journey/ Foreigner.

The Baby's - Anthology

The White Stripes - 5 Singles

Frequent visits to the record store may result in collateral purchases. Take these singles for instance; I had the albums already and only picked these singles up because I happened to see them. So it's bonus and live tracks then, although the artwork is pleasing too. A bit disappointing: 17 tracks on 5 singles.
- Seven Nation Army
- Blue Orchid
- My Doorbell
- The Denial Twist
- Walking With A Ghost
It's all genuine White Stripes so not too disappointing.

The White Stripes - 5 Singles
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Cuby + Blizzards - Blues Traveller

A musical career of 35 years (in 2000) provided the opportunity to release this 4 CD oversight of Harry 'Cuby' Muskee. Famous because of Cuby + Blizzards, the legendary Dutch R&B band, this album tells the story of a life dedicated to the blues.
C + B was an influential band that had an importance far beyond the borders of the Netherlands; their recordings of the late 60's take up the most important piece of this album. The rest is testimony to Harry Muskee's ups and downs in music with very few downs on this set.
The excellent booklet isn't necessary to see why C + B is stil recognized as a great R&B band, the songs and most strikingly the hits underline the power of a few simple guys from Holland who followed their heart and set out to play the blues.

Cuby + Blizzards - Blues Traveller (400 mb)
CD 1
CD 2
CD 3, Part 1
CD 3, Part 2
CD 4
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11 February 2006

Soul: The Soul Of Minit Records

Soul by label: Minit.
Keywords: New Orleans as hometown and Allen Toussaint as writer, arranger and producer. This CD contains songs from the second incarnation of Minit, released between 1967 and 1970. Why this Minit compilation? Because it has songs by Ike and Tina Turner and Bobby Womack. Other Minit compilations may be equally desirable.
This 2004 Stateside compilation (Copy Controlled, yuk) has 24 songs and decent linernotes and artwork.

The Soul Of Minit Records
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70's: The Babys - Isn't It Time

The Baby's part 1.
This is about a band which was far better than is nowadays known. This is about a band whose members were more succesful in other bands or solo. This is about a band whose biggest hits do not really reflect the kind of band they were.
Fortunately, there are compilation CD's to right some wrongs. This CD simply shows why this band had hits; this is 70's poprock at it's finest and still an example of fine song craftsmanship. Melodic, dramatic little popsymphonies.

The Babys - Isn't It Time
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

Blues: Sonny Boy Williamson - The Real Folk Blues - More Real Folk Blues

2 LP's fitted on 1 CD, hence a re-issue with a long name. These are 24 songs, from 1960 - 1963, with Sonny Boy Williamson on vocals and bluesharp playing with a band. His singing is great but it's his harmonica playing that brought him fame. A pioneer in playing amplified or live on the radio, he also was very influential on later generations bluesplayers thanks to his style.
This 2002 Chess CD has just acceptable linernotes and artwork but the music makes it well worth a purchase.
(Edit: An anonymous commenter was so kind to point out that this is Rice Miller who assumed the name Sonny Boy Williamson. Thank you!)

Sonny Boy Williamson - The Real Folk Blues - More Real Folk Blues
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10 February 2006

The Cramps - Flamejob

The cynical approach could be to label The Cramps on this album as intellectuals but that wouldn't do justice to the level of Cramp this album has. There are some pretty weird songs on this album but isn't that with every Cramps album?
So this is just the 1994 version of The Cramps, solid as ever. Ultratwist!

The Cramps - Flamejob
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Blues: B.B. King - The RPM Hits 1951-1957

Simply put: these are important recordings from an important artist. This wouldn't matter much if they aren't enjoyable and they are. Sound quality is OK and B.B. King's guitar style can be heard in all it's details and his (fairly) young voice sounds nice and smooth.
Although these are not the first recordings of Blues Boy King, this is the start of the career that would bring him fame. The opener, Three O'Clock Blues, made it to no. 1 on Billboard's R&B record chart. The 26 tracks on this album are neatly the songs from the start of his career to the start of white rock 'n roll succes, with King's music but a different color.

B.B. King - The RPM Hits 1951-1957
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70's: Return Of The Pusherman

This is a 3 CD set, 54 tracks, full of funky 70's music. Artwork is comic-style, comparable with GTA VC artwork. Very tastefully compiled and designed, yet the price is 'midprice' and linernotes are completely lacking. The tracklist probably tells you whether you'll like it or not, it's got enough big names on it to give you an impression.
Upon listening to the music and looking at the package you realize that the music selection speaks for itself, added by the artwork. A near endless serie of 70's funk.

Return Of The Pusherman, Hustlin' Soul (290 mb)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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09 February 2006

Blues: Muddy Waters - Journeyman Blues

Muddy Waters part 5 (and last, for now).
Short interview and 2 live sessions, 19 & 20 October 1971. This is a cheap Muddy Waters CD and included because it's significantly better than similar productions. Sound and music are good, with linernotes that add something to this release.
It holds its ground in comparison with Newport and is certainly interesting compared to the studio releases, as Muddy Waters was a great live performer. And with a little luck you'll find this CD somewhere for next to nothing.

Muddy Waters - Journeyman Blues

Edward Ka-spel - Chyekk China Doll

Edward Ka-spel is frontman of the Legendary Pink Dots, this is one of his solo albums. This is essentially just to show I've got a heart for LPD, don't expect more since the other stuff I've got is on vinyl.
Chyekk China Doll was vinyl once (1986) but also released on CD 2 years later. It does give an acurate example of Edward Ka-spel imho and I felt it needed to be on this blog. Legendary Pink Dots forever.

Edward Ka-spel - Chyekk China Doll
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Reggae: Studio One Women

You can be a long term reggae fan without ever having heard a female leadvocalist. Plenty of women in reggae but mainly in backingvocals. This clever 16 track compilationalbum changes that ofcourse by taking a few good examples in a range of different styles and so showing that female leads in reggae are actually a very good idea. With Hortense Ellis and Marcia Griffiths as biggest names, you'll get a very enjoyable set of songs to diversify your reggaecollection. Package impeccable, the Studio One samplers are all excellent. "No Bother With No Fuss", or something.

Studio One Women
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

Blues: Muddy Waters - Hard Again

Muddy Waters part 4.
1977, another album with Johnny Winter. Raw, stompin' blues, this album contains the 'Mannish Boy' version that's most famous. It's a 9 track CD, wouldn't be surprised if there's a deluxe edition of but this one on the other hand, is dirt cheap and can be purchased at the most unlikely locations. Which is good since this is essential MW, in all modesty.

Muddy Waters - Hard Again
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08 February 2006

Soul: Doris Duke - I'm A Loser

More proof of the thesis that 2005 was an excellent soul year: this re-issue. "The Swamp Dogg Sessions and More" are 26 tracks; LP 'I'm A Loser', LP 'A Legend In Her Own Time' and 3 'bonus' tracks, with linernotes and pictures. Late 60's, early 70's, this is a mature form of soul, Deep Soul if you like (this Ace/Kent CD is actually dedicated to Dave Godin's memory).
Much has been written but please, judge for yourself:

Doris Duke - I'm A Loser
Part 1
Part 2
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About this blog

Yeah, the music's half decent to some people, what about the rest?
The logo means 2 things: 1. I haven't lost my programming skills altogether (I used to be a professional, once) and 2. I can be l33t with Photoshop 6.
The name Caesar Tjalbo comes from my first name Tjalling and the Caesar was added a decade ago when I played Master of Orion 2 (that was a FFing brilliant game!!!).
The parrot in the logo is from a Dutch campaign against swearing: "don't be a copycat". I intend to be and encourage everyone to be quite the opposite, hence 2 parrots in the (very l33t) logo. Spread and share, don't forget to enjoy in the meantime.
This blog is an offering to the gods of the internet and dedicated to the memory of the Stairway To Heaven website, my incentive to start leechin' and (up)loadin'.
Thank you for your attention, now back to the MP3's....

80's: Nits - New Flat

Early 80's and Dutch. The Nits still exist (since 1974) and are a special Dutch band. Art rock perhaps, intellectual for sure, most of the time interesting and hardly commercial (although they've had their hits). This is one of my personal favorites of the Nits, New Flat from 1981.
What to say about a 25 year old album? Just give it a listen and check out more of this band...

Nits - New Flat
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

Blues: Muddy Waters - At Newport 1960

Muddy Waters part 3.
Details about the 1960 edition of the Newport Jazz Festival can be found in the linernotes, sufficient to say that Muddy Waters and band played a couple of songs.
Live recordings therefore, starting with a relaxed 'I got my brand on you'. When the tempo goes up with 'Tiger in your tank' it leads to more enthousiasm with the audience. When they hit 'I've got my mojo working' you can hear the people respond, or "going absolutely crazy" according to the linernotes describing a video of the event. They were called back to the stage, naturally.
The 2001 CD has 4 extra studio tracks and extra linernotes. Also a picture of MW sitting on a stool playing guitar: grey suit with white shirt, tie, socks AND shoes. (check)

Muddy Waters - At Newport 1960
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

07 February 2006

Soul: The Renfro Soul Story

"Priceless Los Angeles Northern Soul". Soul by label, Renfro was named after it's founder/ producer Anthony Renfro.
24 tracks from 1966 & 1968 (2 from 1975?!), decent linernotes and the phrase 'northern soul' may be justified since the songs are quite uptempo and danceable. I didn't know the label or the songs but must say it's an OK compilation.
Tracklist etc. on Amazon. Review (use search).
Released 2004 on Ace/ Kent.

The Renfro Soul Story
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

80's: Greatest Hits Of New Romantic

Ir-re-sis-ti-ble, I was sold the moment I looked at the tracklist. I grew up during the 80's you see, to me this is perfectly acceptable music where others might think these people sound the way they looked.
This is not the definitive 80's collection, of course, but it does capture a very exclusive part of the 80's. No doubt there are songs missing/ out of place on this CD but it is a wonderful set of songs.
Picked this 3 CD (18 songs each) set up for the price of a single mid-price CD. Linernotes and packaging are extremely disappointing. A little over 300 MB:

Greatest Hits Of New Romantic
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

Blues: Muddy Waters - I'm Ready

Muddy Waters part 2.
Late Waters for contrast, this album was originally released in 1978 (this CD 2004 + 3 bonustracks + added linernotes) and produced by Johnny Winter. A band of trusted partners and good experiences from the 'Hard again' sessions and tour can be heard on this release.
Smooth stompin' Muddy Waters and a sleeve (by Phil Hays) that deserves to be LP size. When it comes to blues, McKinley Morganfield is my man.

Muddy Waters - I'm Ready
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

06 February 2006

Pizzicato Five - Made In USA

Outside it's cold, dark and miserable, inside there's Pizzicato 5!
Naughty Pizzicato 5, "Made in USA", don't you believe it.
Jump around with me:

Pizzicato Five - Made In USA
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

Blues: Muddy Waters - Rollin' Stone, The Golden Anniversary Collection

Muddy Waters part 1.
Early Waters, not his first but the first for Aristocrat/ Chess. These recordings (1947 to 1952) show a Muddy Waters with very little accompaniment, some bass, what drum and harmonica. Quite exciting to listen to this knowing what was to come in the decades after these recordings.
50 track 2 CD set with good linernotes

Muddy Waters - Rollin' Stone, The Golden Anniversary Collection
Part 1
Part 2
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs & Englishmen

"35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" means the original 1970 live album + some unreleased tracks and studiowork on 2 CD's. Artwork and linernotes impeccable. It's a highlight in Joe Cocker's career and also a very interesting cooperation since nearly everybody who worked on the tour or the album did other interesting stuff in the music bizz (also: other artists are featured as leadsingers on some songs).
It's powerful soul music for sure. IMHO is Joe Cocker one of the few white people capable of good soul and also one of the few people capable of a better than The Beatles cover of a Beatles song. Both statements can be checked here and much more: it's not a cheap package but worth it's money.

Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs & Englishmen
Part 1
Part 2
(The last upload had some filenames which were too long, should be better now.)
(part 2 re-upped 6-6-2009)

Soul: Does Anybody Know I'm Here?

"Vietnam through the eyes of black America 1962 - 1972" Soul by theme, the Vietnam war. About how that war influenced music and vice-versa, 23 tracks from big names in soul music. Read more here (also tracklist).
It's remarkable how real world developments and music come together, an excellent excuse for a compilation album by Kent; this 2005 release is the sequel to "A Soldier's Sad Story" (2003). OK linernotes and artwork.

Does Anybody Know I'm Here?
Part 1
Part 2
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

05 February 2006

Reggae: Horace Andy - Feel good all over

Subtitle: "Anthology 1970-1976". Horace Hinds (cousin of Justin Hinds) started recording for Coxsone Dodd's Studio One in 1970, Dodd being the one who came up with 'Andy' as surname. The unique style and voice secured Horace Andy's fame in the reggae world but also gave him a rebirth as a singer on Massive Attack songs.
This 46 track Trojan 2 CD set gives a good insight in the first years of Andy's recording work, with mainly first cuts, only 1 'version' and a few dubs.

Horace Andy - Feel good all over
Part 1
Part 2
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)

Belle & Sebastian: 8 singles & EP's

Most bands are easy: collect the albums and you've the major stuff. Not necesaarily with Belle & Sebastian; the EP's are just as interesting and have great artwork. Have a listen:
- 3..6..9 Seconds of Light
- Books
- Dog On Wheels
- I'm Waking up To Us
- Lazy Line Painter Jane
- Legal Man
- Sing...Jonathan David
- This Is Just A Modern Rock Song

*Update* In stead of re-upping these tracks, get the same with 'Push Bar man To Open Door':
Part 1
Part 2

04 February 2006

Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol. 2

The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol. 2
(pass: CaesarTjalbo)