29 June 2008

Kate Bush - The Kick Inside

I'm in the process of moving houses (with about the same speed as I update this blog). The nice thing is finding all these surprising things I'd completely forgotten about, stuff I didn't know I still had and stuff I lost years ago. Like this CD, for example. I've been staring at an empty case for years, trying to think what I've done with the CD. Turns out it sat in an old portable player, deep down in a box.

It's a pretty early memory for me: my interest in music had formed a little and I was already watching music programs on TV. The videoclip of Wuthering Heights however always left me feel uncomfortable: the singing and dancing scared me. If you'd asked me at the time if I believed in witches, I probably denied but you shouldn't see the look on my face if that clip was played.

Older and wiser I recognized this album for what it is: one of the best albums ever made by an incredible multi-talented person. Listen closely and you may 'feel' aspects in the sound which remind of the 80's but this is a timeless classic.

Yes, I'm quite happy I've got my copy back. I could be ecstatic if I only rememberred where I left the case. Therefore no further package or release info.
EMI, '1978'

Kate Bush - The Kick Inside

Sharon Jones & The Dap kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights

The looks & sounds are vintage but this is a contemporary article, you may know the Dap Kings from hip funkjazzsouletcetera compilations or Amy Winehouse albums (let me explain this subtly: AFAIK they were hired by Amy Winehouse and they like to work with Sharon Jones). Band + singer are as good as it looks and they don't try to re-invent the soul & funk wheel but just keep it rolling.

Release is on Daptone Records, the label of the band's originators. Linernotes & artwork aren't particularly worth mentioning. As an extra it comes with a bonus CD with 'Binky Griptite's GhettoFunkPowerHour', an hour long 'radio show' by the band's guitar player. Fun with funk and you'll get to know more stuff from the Daptone label. On the album CD you can find the 'recording of' video of Answer Me in case you're looking for one more reason to buy this album. I'll include the GhettoFunkPowerHour but the video is for when you buy the CD. Unless "youtube.com" works as a hint for you (but then you'll understand the hint "related videos" too).
Daptone Records, 2007

Sharon Jones & The Dap kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights
Binky Griptite's GhettoFunkPowerHour

15 June 2008

Donny Hathaway - Live

"Recorded Live at the Troubadour in Hollywood and the Bitter End in New York". More covers, 7 out of 8 tracks, 2 jam-session style versions of over 10 minutes. Some tracks are close to a studio version, some have a noticeable audience participation (great on 'You've got a friend').

My CD is a real ATCO / Atlantic pressing, this title doesn't seem to be in the Rhino catalog. No nice informative booklet but just a single sheet inlay, the made in Germany release doesn't have a production date other than 1972 which is a bit early for CDs, I believe. (I don't hold stock in Rhino; seeing a release this minimal makes me appreciate the Rhino efforts even more.)

This is the Live album by Donny Hathaway but not the only one. Rhino sells a live album compiled with songs from this album and other recordings but there are other live sets out too. Take the previously posted studio albums and soundtrack and you'll have a broad picture of the artist Donny Hathaway but 'Live' is a great album on its own too.
Atlantic, 1972

Donny Hathaway - Live

01 June 2008

New Orleans Funk volume 2

"New Orleans: The Original Sound Of Funk 1960-75" in 25 tracks.

A 27-page booklet this time: less info on the New Orleans part (but it's an addition to the vol. 1 booklet rather than a copy) and lots of pictures of 7'' disclabels (none in vol. 1). Similar: brief artist info and some fantastic photography. Meaning 'volume 1' is the better package but volume 2 has one track more. Funny: if you want to know what the subtitle "The second line strut" means you have to look it up in the booklet by 'volume 1'.

Similar: great music, more Allen Toussaint, The Meters (+ solo Nevilles), Lee Dorsey and now also Betty Harris. Buy this CD and we might see a volume 3, hopefully without having to wait 8 years for it.
Soul Jazz Records, 2008

New Orleans Funk volume 2