31 January 2009

Vampisoul Goes To Africa: Afrobeat Nirvana

The good news: the problem is mental, not physical. Except it physically stops me from updating this blog regularly. But there's not really something wrong with my fingers, eyes, ears and wallet so there's life, Jim, but not as we know it. Will cut through the backlog of comments & mail soon.

Vampisoul, compilation. No info therefore, just a selection to whet your appetite and make you buy the individual albums that fed this CD. Africa here, too, is Nigeria. Time: 1950's to 1980's. If you didn't know this was just a sampler it would be a rather nonsensical affair and it's mostly useful for finding single tracks rather than putting it on and listening through the whole lot as a normal album. Of course, chances of finding a gem if you're not immediately put off by late 20th century Nigerian music are considerable. A quick check showed only 1 double with the Nigeria Special set.
Vampisoul, 2008

Afrobeat Nirvana