30 September 2008

Justice Of The Unicorns - Angels With Uzis

Weird. That much is clear, I have not much other insight to offer over the album. Listening to the lyrics makes things worse but you can't help it. It's a good thing though: I found they're not singing about "teddybears with tommyguns", which could have been and would've gone well with the album title.

Once you're through the lyrics-listening-phase it gets better: you're singing along without particularly caring what you're singing. Perhaps that's an advantage of being a non-native English speaker but native speakers will stop caring pretty soon too, I guess. The nonsense doesn't really bother, the music is as serious as it can be and sounds good enough to hear several times a day.

The band name, album title, lyrics and album art are consistent. On video sites you can find their videoclips, try searching for 'pterodactyl sun' and witness the slickest production of the band. It's not up to me to tell this band what to do but as a hint: I wouldn't mind the CD sleeve a little bit better looking. I'm not asking for much, a little will make a world of difference already.

Nevermind that, the music counts and I love it. If you like it too, it's a good thing to try to get the CD. I'd love to think they sell copies at their shows and that would be my prefered way of obtaining a disk but I got my copy off Insound, a New York based seller of various things indie-music related, which seems to be the only outlet to get this CD from.
Little Lamb Recordings, 2008

Justice Of The Unicorns - Angels With Uzis